There lies an uncharted area, deep within the Amazon rainforest. The place in question is in fact a jungle, but so much more. Rumor has it that the jungle floor is comprised of gem stones, each glistening from the light peaking through all of the jungle foliage. It all sounds mesmerizing, but to locals, that part of the jungle is full of confusion and danger. Neighboring villages forbid their people from exploring that territory. According to one of the village elders, anyone who enters that jungle is never to be seen again. Everything that inhabits this place become controlled by the power of the stones. It consumes them and makes them act in ways no one can truly comprehend. They say the jungle invites you in to see the beauty it has to offer. As you explore, things lurking behind the trees begin sizing you up. Then, the place begins to confuse your senses. It plays with your sense of reality. Like a psychedelic trip, you lose your way and allow the jungle to decide your fate. All hell breaks loose at dusk. Try not to lose your mind as it wanders throughout the forest.